Frequently Asked Questions

A Notary Public is responsible for being an impartial witness that verifies the identity of a document signer for important documents and transactions.

I-9 verification helps employers comply with employee verification standards and reduce penalties that may otherwise be imposed on employers.

Florida Live Scan is a process of collecting electronic fingerprints through a live scan device and sending them to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) for processing and background checks.

FINRA fingerprinting is necessary for FINRA license holders. If you are a broker-dealer who is looking for FINRA fingerprinting, get your fingerprints taken by Cascade Fingerprinting+.

FBI background check is a comprehensive process of obtaining criminal records against the FBI’s national database. The background check will include arrest, conviction, traffic violations, and even parking tickets.

Anyone who is applying for a firearms license needs ATF fingerprinting. At Cascade Fingerprinting+, we provide professional ATF Fingerprinting services.

A Notary Public is used to authenticate the identity of someone signing an important document, whereas an apostille is a document that attests to documents that are eligible for international use.

At Cascade Fingerprinting+, a live scan typically takes 10 to 15 minutes per person. Our technician uses a live scan machine to collect your fingerprints and then either print them on a card for you, or send them to a government agency for the appropriate process.