The Process of Getting a Live Scan Fingerprinting and What to Expect

The Process of Getting a Live Scan Fingerprinting

Live scan fingerprinting entails the electronic capture of an individual’s fingerprints using a specialized scanner. This method is frequently employed for criminal background checks, employment screening and certification. Obtaining a live scan fingerprinting will require a few steps.

Identify the agency or organization requiring live scan fingerprinting and receive the required forms and instructions. Next, book an appointment with a licenced live scan fingerprinting provider in your area. At the appointment, you will be needed to present a valid photo ID and any applicable costs. Afterwards, the live scan operator will digitally scan your fingerprints and send them for processing to the proper agency.

Typically, the entire process takes between 15 and 30 minutes. Depending on the agency’s processing schedule, you may need to wait anywhere from a few days to several weeks to obtain the results of the background check.

Identifying the Need for Live Scan Fingerprinting:

Live scan fingerprinting is necessary for numerous purposes, including criminal background checks, employment screening, licencing, and certification. Various agencies may require live scan fingerprinting for varying reasons; therefore, it is essential to determine the exact necessity for fingerprinting prior to initiating the process.

Applicants for a professional licence or certification, for instance, may be required to complete a background check, including live scan fingerprinting, to confirm they satisfy the position’s standards. Companies may also need live scan fingerprinting as part of their recruiting process to guarantee that prospective workers do not have a criminal past that could endanger the firm or its clients.

In addition, individuals intending to volunteer with vulnerable populations, such as children or the elderly, may be forced to submit to live scan fingerprinting as part of a background check to confirm their safety and reliability. Recognizing the necessity for live scan fingerprinting is a crucial first step in ensuring that all requirements for the intended purpose are met.

Locating a Certified Live Scan Fingerprinting Provider:

After determining the requirement for live scan fingerprinting, the following step is to select a certified provider. Accessible online, the California Department of Justice maintains a database of certified live scan fingerprinting vendors. The entity or organization needing live scan fingerprinting, local law enforcement agencies, and private organizations offering fingerprinting services are other sources of information. It is essential to confirm that the service provider is certified and permitted to conduct live scan fingerprinting for the appropriate reason. In addition, it is recommended to investigate the provider’s reputation and customer feedback to guarantee that they deliver quality services.

Scheduling an Appointment:

After locating a licenced supplier of live scan fingerprinting, the next step is to arrange an appointment. Depending on the provider, appointments can typically be booked online, over the phone, or in person. It is essential to arrive on time and with all required identification and money for the appointment. Some providers may require prepayment, but others may take payment at the time of service. Before to the appointment, it is recommended to confirm the payment method and amount with the provider. Booking an appointment in advance helps to ensure that the live scan fingerprinting process is performed without delay and in a timely way.

Providing Identification and Fees:

While attending the appointment for live scan fingerprinting, it is vital to have proper identification and any applicable costs. Generally, valid identification consists of a government-issued picture ID with a photograph, such as a driver’s licence, passport, or military ID. Before to the appointment, it is recommended to confirm the acceptable forms of identification with the provider. Costs for live scan fingerprinting vary based on the provider and the reason for the fingerprinting, so it is essential to confirm the amount and payment method with the provider before to the appointment. The provision of identity and fees facilitates the execution of the live scan fingerprinting procedure.

The Live Scan Process:

During a live scan, an individual’s fingerprints are captured electronically using a specialized scanner. During the visit, the live scan operator will use the scanner to capture a digital image of the individual’s fingerprints. The operator will then examine the image to ensure that it fulfils the quality requirements. If the image is satisfactory, the operator will transmit the fingerprint data to the appropriate agency for processing via electronic means. Typically, the entire process takes between 15 and 30 minutes. Importantly, the live scan process is absolutely non-invasive and does not use ink or any other nasty materials.

Submitting the Fingerprint Data to the Appropriate Agency:

After the live scan process has been finished and the accuracy of the fingerprint data has been verified, the live scan operator will electronically transmit the fingerprint data to the appropriate agency for processing. Depending on the objective of the live scan fingerprinting, the agency may be a law enforcement agency, a licencing board, or an employer. The agency will use the fingerprint information to conduct a criminal history check or any other necessary checks to evaluate the individual’s eligibility or appropriateness for the intended purpose. Notably, it may take the agency several weeks to process the fingerprint data and deliver the results to the individual or organization who requested live scan fingerprinting.

Waiting for Results:

The individual or organization that requested the live scan fingerprinting will have to wait for the results after the fingerprint data has been submitted to the proper agency. Depending on the objective of the live scan fingerprinting and the agency processing the data, the amount of time it takes to obtain the findings can vary. Some services may deliver results in a matter of days, while others may require several weeks. Notably, only the individual or organization that requested the live scan fingerprinting will receive the results, and the results may not be shared with anyone else without the individual’s agreement or a court order.


In conclusion, obtaining live scan fingerprinting entails determining the exact need for fingerprinting, locating a qualified provider such as Cascade Fingerprinting+, setting an appointment, giving identification and fees, experiencing the live scan process, and awaiting the results. Background checks and protecting the safety and security of persons and organizations need the use of live scan fingerprinting. By adhering to these guidelines, users can ensure that the live scan fingerprinting process is done in a timely and effective manner. Notably, the live scan procedure is fully non-invasive and does not include dirty materials.